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14 best kitchen finds to make life easier in UAE, for 2023

Cooking may be one task, but the clean-up aftercan take a significant chunk out of our busy day. The average person could resort to time-saving appliances, such as air fryers, toaster ovens and multi-cookers, all they like, and still wish they had shortcuts to maintaining the kitchen. Luckily for us, this is a concern that people around the world have found the answer to,in the form ofnifty kitchen gadgets.

From food prep to food storage, there are hacks for every problem you may encounter in the kitchen. If you fuss about the finicky stove and sink runners that the kids never fail to skew, you can pin them down for good. And, you don’t need to rush to clearyour sauerkraut and kimchi jars when you have access to a fridge deodoriser.

We took note of viral kitchen finds on social mediathat are not only practical but accessible for arthritic hands as well. Go through our list of 14 best-rated items to make breakfast, lunch and dinner a breeze. Shop with an Amazon Prime membership to get fast, free delivery, even from the US and the UK.

1. Best Smart Trash Can: Rubbermaid Elite Stainless Steel Slim Sensor Trash Can


Touch-free operation 44-litre capacity Removable inner bucket for waste disposal Wireless – works on batteries Sleek stainless steel finish in charcoal colour to match the kitchen


Lid opens with a few seconds of delay

Motion-sensor trash cans are the future. Open the lid with a wave of your hand, and dispose of vegetable peels in an instant,without having to touch the garbage bin. You get to keep your hands clean during the cooking process and impress guests with a sleek stainless steel bin in the kitchen: the Rubbermaid Elite Slim Sensor Trash Can. Despite the small footprint, the trash can has a roomy capacity of 44 litres, free of cords and charging adapters. It only needs six AA batteries for the butterfly flaps to open and shut automatically, which reviewers say has made waste disposal more accessible for older family members. They love the stay open feature for longer tasks, but do note that there’s one or two seconds ofdelay at first. More convenient is the removable inner bucket with a bag cinch that holds onto liners securely, so all you have to do is fish it out to change the liner.

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2. Best Fridge Deodoriser: Purriko Refrigerator Deodoriser

If you’ve been whipping up home remedies, like coffee grounds and baking soda, to keep strong food smells at bay, then you know these concoctions aren’t foolproof. Refrigerators withless advanced deodorisers make it difficult to store fermented foods and leftovers. Enter the Purriko fridge deodoriser,whichabsorbs odours and decomposes harmful gases into water molecules. This stainless steel contraption can sit in your fridge for 10 years without needing any power supply or filter replacement to work. Reviewers have tried it out with kimchi, fish sauces, broccoli, boiled eggs and more, and say that the gadget works almost immediately once you place it inside the fridge. It reduces cross-contamination of smells between different foods as well. So, if you meal prep in advance or store leftovers often, the deodoriser is what you need to keep the fridge smelling fresh.

3. Best Frying Guard: Frywall Splatter Guard 12 (Large)

Have you ever fried burger patties, steak or eggs in a pan and gotten shelled by hot oil splatters? Not only is it painful but also time-consuming to scrub the grease stains off from the stovetop, cabinets and floor. The Frywall is a genius invention that works as a splatter guard for your pan. Its high silicone walls are BPA-free and FDA-approved, andcan withstand high temperatures of up to 232 degrees Celsius. Every bit of oily mess stays inside the walls, while the steam escapes freely through the funnel. We also love that the wall keeps food from spilling over the lip, as it so often happens with leafy greens.It rolls down small for storage and is dishwasher-safe, too. The Frywall is available inthree sizes, small, medium and large, to fit pans of varying diameters. Our pick is best for 12-inch pans. Reviewers are mostly happy about owning one since it means they need to spend less time cleaning up after big dinners.

4. Best Colander: Thaki Rotatable Colander with Wash Bowl

A rotatable colander is one you never knew you needed. It lets you drain boiling pasta water, grains, washed fruit and vegetables without tipping any over into the sink. The Thaki sieve is made up of a food-grade plastic colander and bowl, both resistant to high temperatures. While you drain the bowl, the colander keeps straight and ensuresyour food is away from the sink. You can even rotate the colander upside down and lock it over the bowl to cover washed produce. The bowl can be repurposed to mix ingredients as well. Buyers love that the wash and drain process is much faster with this strainer. Since it’s seven inches across, reviewers find the size suitable for smaller fruits.

5. Best Rug Grip: Gorilla Grip The Original Area Rug Pad

Kitchen runners are infamous for never staying in place, especially if you have tiled or wooden floors.The Gorilla Grip rug pad is a non-adhesive base that goes under regular rugs. It has an open-grid construction to allow the runners on topto breathe, and is thin enough to be trimmed with household scissors to match the size of your rug. Reviewers prefer this pad over other rug grips and adhesives, saying that it even cushions the feet. It workswell against hyperactive pets, slippery floors and vacuuming, they add.

6. Best Kitchen Towel Dispenser: Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser


Motion-sensor tissue dispenser Wall-mounted to free up counter space Retracts unused sheets Great for families with kids Can set the desired sheet length for dispensing


Expensive, but reviewers say that it’s worth the investment

Another sensor-based gadget for speeding up cooking in the kitchen is an automatic paper towel dispenser. These units are no longer confined to malls and hotels, so you can gift that hands-free convenience to your family at home. Place your regular kitchen roll in the Innovia dispenser and wave a hand to eject a new sheet. If you need more sheets, simply keep your hand in front of the sensor to dispense more – any unused sheets are automatically retracted to reduce mess and save paper. There’s an included mounting bracket that works both for walls and under the cabinet, freeing up counter space. Buyers have been loyal to this dispenser for years, and love how it just makes tasks in the kitchen much simpler. Those with kids find that little ones have an easier time ripping sheets off, and it encourages slow consumption.

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7. Best Chopping Board: Kitchenville Glass Chopping Board, 40x30cm

Clear chopping boards are all the rage on TikTok – they look better than their wooden counterparts, protect the countertop and double as pot holders. However, buyers soon found the trending acrylic ones to be highly susceptible to scratches, which is why this glass-tempered chopping board is perfect. It’s durable, break- and stain-resistant, and won’t cling to food smells. Since it can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, you can leave the board out to protect the worktop from hot surfaces. Most common complaints for acrylic typesoften mention how shifty the board becomes during intensive tasks. You don’t have to worry about that with the Kitchenville glass board that has four silicone feet. Reviewers do advise against pounding meat onit. There are two in this pack to safeguard your counter on either side of the stove.

8. Best Jar Opener: The G GripJar Opener

Wrestling open a new jar of anything is at least a weekly affair in the kitchen. Don’t bruise your palms;instead, install an under-cabinet jar opener. The G Grip’s tried-and-tested V design opens any sized lid, be it child-proof medicine bottles or spaghetti sauce jars. The grip is lined with strong carbon steel teeth on one side, promising to last a lifetime.The opener is a boon for senior hands or people with arthritis as well. Once mounted, the gadget is completely hidden – you could use the included industrial-grade tape or screw it in for extra measure. Over 10,000 five-star reviews vouch for the product, calling it their most useful kitchen gadget, so much so that they’ve bought more for family and friends. Some have had theirs installed for three decades!

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9. Best Drawer Divider: SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers (4 Dividers with 9 Inserts)

Drawer dividers are great, but only when they’re a snug fit and don’t shuffle your items around. This is why home influencers can’t stop raving about customisable dividers. It’s the most space-efficient system you’ll come acrosssince it makes use of every sliver of room in the drawers. SpaceAid has onewith four expandable dividers and nine inserts to add or subtract space, according to the size of your silverware, spice jars or utensils. The pack even comes with 30 label stickers to scribble down what each divided area is for. They stay put thanks to the spring-loaded design and non-slip rubber pads. Reviewers say that the divider system is all worth the hype, and the bamboo wood flatters the kitchen interior.

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10. Best Peeler: Johnny Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer

Calling all mums and dads whoprepare school lunchesand snacks in the morning rush – here’s an essential gadget that’ll save you time and effort. An apple peeler, corer and slicer works quickly and efficiently with any apple variety. It takes care of all the steps and leaves you with a fruit you can immediately dig into or toss into a pan for apple pie. The Johnny Apple Peeler also peels potatoes, using strong stainless steel blades. The device’s suction base grips smooth, nonporous surfaces, aided by the heavy-duty cast iron body. Reviewers love that you can adjust the blade if the peel is too thick. It’s also a great way to finish off apples quickly from the fruit basket.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

11. Best Bread Dispenser: Tafura Bread Container

Does your loaf of bread get squished on the countertop? Or, is the knot at the topinsufficient for keeping your bread fresh for longer? Invest in an airtight bread container, like the one by Tafura. It’s a five-litre plastic holder that fits any loaf size and has a silicone ring under the lid with four latches to seal for freshness. Freezer- and dishwasher-safe, the container can hold bagels, baguettes and more without anyturning stale. You can directly load store-boughtslices into the holder or pull the plastic packet over the container’s lip to make dispensing easier. Buyers also repurpose it for camping trips and picnics to make sandwiches on the go.

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12. Best Food Cover: MightyNest 5-Piece Silicone Food Storage Set and Food Saver Sheets

We all end up with half an onion or tomato in the refrigerator door once dinner is made. By the time you get back to the cut produce, it’sno good. Get food huggers. These are silicone food storage covers that preserve partially consumed fruits and vegetables, and are more effective than cling foil and wrap. The MightyNest set comes with five covers, ranging fromas small as a banana cover to a large tomato hugger. The best part is that they fit cups, jars and cans as well, so your pet’s opened can of food stays fresh for longer. Your order also comes with eight sheets of Fresh Paper, which can be placed inleafy green containers to prolong the produce’s shelf life.

13. Best Versatile Whisk: Joseph Joseph Twist2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

Here’s a space-saving tool for the drawer – awhisk that folds flat and opens into a balloon design with a single twist. It’s made of silicone-coated steel wires that work well with non-stick cookware and are heat-resistant up to 270 degrees Celsius. Flatten the tool to mix and scrape sauces in low pans, where it becomes excellent for combining ingredients. You could use it as a regular balloon whisk to whip egg whites, cream and other baking needs. Reviewers also collapse the tool to scrape together the leftover batter from the mixing bowl. In this form, it’s a better storage option than a balloon whisk, especially in shallow drawers.

14. Best Appliance Caddy: HauSun Multiuse Kitchen Caddy, 2-Pack

If you’re dragging breakfast appliances back and forth on the counter, then you’re in need of a kitchen caddy. Place your heavier machines on the tray mat and simply slide it out to move them closer to you. Once you’re done using your coffee maker or food processor, slide it back to its original place. You get two in this value pack by HauSun, and each caddy can take up to 13kg of load. Buyers see it as a solution to family members using an appliance and never putting it back in its designated corner. Others place their air fryers, coffee pots and toasters on the caddy to prevent scratches on the countertop.

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