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Bentley’s new furniture line costs more than an average SUV!

Bentley Home, the line of Bentley-branded furniture made by Alberto Vignatelli’s Italian luxury homeware firm, has launched its latest collection. Called Newent, the line is designed by Carlo Colombo and comprises a sofa, an armchair, chair and bed. The pieces can be either fully upholstered in the customer’s choice of leather or fabric, or with a veneered frame. The sofa’s frame can be commissioned in Bentley’s iconic walnut briarwood design, the frame enveloping the curved profile of the sofa.

The furniture pieces draw inspiration from silhouettes and shapes of Bentley models from the past and the present, and uses materials that will make Bentley owners feel at home, literally and figuratively!

“We work very closely with our colleagues at Bentley Home to ensure the furniture we create embodies the exacting standard in design and manufacture we have in our cars,” says Chris Cooke, Bentley’s Head of Product Design. “From the language and flow of the surfaces to the detailed execution of the veneering process, the ‘Newent’ range is a great example of what we do best, create luxury products for discerning customers,” he adds.

Naturally, being Bentley branded, these don’t come cheap. Prices (VAT not included) start from $14,710 (Dh54,000) for the Newent sofa, $9,040 (Dh33,000) for the armchair, $11,950 (Dh44,000) for the bed, and $4,230 (Dh15,500) for the chair. That means if you want the entire line, you’ll end up shelling out Dh146,500, which is more than what you’d pay for an average SUV!

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