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Coronavirus can live in your car too – here are the hot spots that must be cleaned regularly

Washing your hands is the best way to defend against spreading the coronavirus but medical experts still do not know for certain how long...

5 reasons why driving with an almost empty tank is bad for your vehicle

Stopping at a petrol station and seeing the fuel gage needle in your vehicle hit ‘Full’ brings a real feeling of satisfaction -especially when...

Caring for your transmission! How to make sure your vehicle is geared up for the long run

There are several key components in a vehicle such as the engine, brakes and tyres which demand periodic checks to ensure they’re in good...

Which of these colours will help retain your car’s resale value?

There are several interesting anecdotes surrounding Henry Ford, the towering pioneer of automotive mass production. One of the better known ones include Ford offering...

3 car insurance essentials for a cross-border getaway during the UAE National Day holidays

With the National Day holidays approaching, most residents are likely packing their bags for a trip outside the country. While some might be flying...
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Every car worth showing off has a story. ...

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